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How Social Media Marketing is a Powerful Tool for Celebrities During the COVID-19 Lockdown

How Social Media Marketing is a Powerful Tool for Celebrities During the COVID-19 Lockdown

COVID-19 that is Coronavirus disease is an infectious disease caused by the coronavirus. People who found ill because of this disease found temperate respiratory problems and people who are old, children, and who have some medicals problems like diabetes, cancer, chronic respiratory disease, and cardiovascular disease are likely to have serious and special treatment else they will fall into serious illness. To protect yourself from getting affected by this serious virus, you have to avoid going out as far as possible. The government first lockdown announced on 22nd March 2020. After that regular lockdown took place that means people will follow 100 % social distance and will not move out from home. It was a tough situation for everyone whether it’s a celebrity or normal people. Everyone is at home for almost 3-4 months but still, the COVID-19 situation is worst. Cases are increasing day by day which makes people take care of themselves and the Government called it now become “Atamanirbhar”. Everyone started working from home, students doing online classes and celebrities come more on social media. 

The film industry and almost all celebrities are seen on social media these days and using digital marketing strategy to be in the eyes of their fans. They are promoting themselves and movies with advanced digital marketing techniques to target a mass audience. A digital marketing agency is also taking care of their clients from the film industry and celebrities to promote they can well through social media to attract a mass audience. Digital marketing agency and their marketing team are spending massive efforts to formulate well – structured strategies so that they can get the audience to see their favorite celebrities. Social media is the only common tool through which celebrities can directly link to the audience and can share anything they want to share. Celebrities are spending a good time on social media during the lockdown and sharing all activities which they do on social media to grab the audience’s attention and to make themselves visible during this lockdown. They not only share their personal activities but also do the promotion of their upcoming movie, songs, serials, web series, etc. They are utilizing social media in a big way. 

Many celebrities enhance their skills in different- different fields and shared their story through social media. Earlier days of lockdown, most of the celebrities have shared how they are doing household chores on daily basis, cooking food, washing clothes, sweeping and mopping, decorating home, reading books and when there is TikTok most of the celebrity post their videos through that and now we can see them on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter too. This shift to the digital medium is used to promote themselves and their upcoming release if any in a new and effective way of engaging with the audience and building stronger bonds or connections with them. The best way of using social media through digital marketing is that it can easily measure the effectiveness of the strategy and the performance of the celebrities and this will help the experts of digital marketing to decide future strategies so that they can reduce cost and increase the effectiveness of marketing campaigns. PPC agencies also noted down that Social media marketing is a powerful tool for celebrities during COVID-19 lockdown.

Celebs are utilising this lockdown time in their own way and come up with new things always and they are staying most of the time at home.  

Many celebrities have been active on social media during the lockdown and many of them spreading awareness on COVID-19 and some of them are spreading awareness on exercise to be fit and to improve the immune system. Many have come with many kinds of yoga on social media.

Tollywood and Hollywood celebrities also restrained in their homes and spending a lot of time on social media like some are showing their singing skills, some are learning new cooking skills and many of them are chatting online with industry friends.

Celebrities of any field whether film industry, sports, cricketers, fitness gurus, etc. all are indulged in various activities to pass their time and some of them shared videos and photographs to give an idea about these engagements.

 Many Bollywood famous celebrities seem doing many things like recently we saw Salman Khan is pursuing his passion for painting and sketching in the lockdown and showing his skills through social media to their fans. Alia Bhatt also learned creative writing and post her skills on the social media platform Instagram and showed how she is taking notes from the book the craft of plot. Famous and renowned actor Amitabh Bachchan who has a huge fan following on social media is spending good quarantine time during the lockdown. The actor recently shared his father’s poem who was a renowned poet Harivansh Rai on social media. Actress Shilpa Shetty is also seen on various social media platforms performing yoga, cooking, yoga, and some funny videos with her husband and some with his son and sister Shamita Shetty. She also was seen doing gardening and watering plants. She suggested to all the fans that doing cleaning home during lockdown is the best workout. Also cricketer Virat Kohli with wife actress Anushka Sharma seen together on social media, Anushka has turned Virat hairstylist and giving him a nice hairstyle on social media. They posted on Instagram and after that many fan has followed them and start cutting their partner’s hairs. Social media became a powerful tool for celebrities to connect with the mass audience and keep them engaged, happy, active, and energetic through it. It became a new way of promotional tools through digital marketing. Many guest posting services provider also uses social media marketing tool to promote and get the best results.


Social media is a powerful tool through which one connects with the entire world. During the lockdown, it has given new life to everyone whether its celebrity or normal people to make them engage and share their life through everyone. Celebrities well used social media platforms to keep themselves engage and active to their fans and target audience. Social marketing agency well used social media platform to highlight and promote the film industry, movies, and their celebrities in many ways and make it possible to reach everywhere through social media during the lockdown.

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