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PDFBear: Your Free Online PDF Tool

Due to the pandemic, PDF has been hugely significant for many sectors. Schools have been closed and even offices. That’s why they are adopting to make things online to continue their work or business. It would be best if you had online tools for this job or to study to do the job, and these are not the same as what you have been doing in your workplace.

You must know the things about PDF first before using it. This file is compatible with many devices that can open a browser. You can do many things such as compress, convert, optimize, edit, or organize your files with the help of PDFBear. Many PDF users said PDFBear is way better than you will find on the internet if you search for an online tool to process pdf. It’s easy to use, and that makes it so convenient.

How To Compress PDF

If you have files inside your hard drive, the best way to save space is to compress PDF online with PDFBear. Even if you got a lot of files, this online tool would handle it for you. You will not worry about it even if you have processed your file. The quality of it from the original will stay. That’s how amazon PDFBear is. To compress PDF:

Upload your files by clicking the “select files” button. You can also simply drag your files under the button.

Choose one option you want to do with your file.

Wait until your file is analyzed and compressed.

Then the process is done, and you can now share or download the files you compressed.

This tool can process files up to 1gb, and around 70 percent of it can be reduced. With these easy steps, anyone can do it by just following the steps provided.

Why is PDFBear the Best Tool For You?

You can access this tool for as long as you have a stable internet connection. Thus, it’s free to use. You don’t need to buy it or download an app or install the software. You just need any browser that you want. It is compatible with operating systems such as Windows, Linux, or mac. You can use this user-friendly tool anywhere you want.

They have the technology that is sophisticated for compressing your files. Even how big it is for around 1gb, it can do the job rather than other tools that you will find online. PDFBear is far way better than those. The quality of your file will never be affected after you have done compressing it. The way you see it before will be the same as after, so you don’t have to worry about your files at all.

Therefore, you can send an email or share your files on the internet—the reason behind why you can access PDFBear wherever you go because it is in the cloud system. And you can access this whatever the time is. Devices such as pc, laptop, tablet, or even mobile phone can do the trick to compress your PDF. With the help of PDFBear and following the guide above, it’s easy even if it’s your first time.


There are a lot of tools that you can search online, but you should set PDFBear as your primary tool. This tool is not just about compressing files, but it has many options to process your PDF file. This will make your job easier, and you will save a lot of time since you are just seconds away from processing files. You will save a lot of space on your hard drive, and you can save money on it for buying new ones. 

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